Lead Generation for Remediation Businesses

How independent remediation companies keep their calendars booked — even if the traditional marketing strategies aren't working.

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Do you own a remediation business?

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It's stressful not knowing if you'll have enough work for your crew. You don't want to lay anyone off. You'd be in a bind without them. But you can't afford to pay everyone to sit around with nothing to do.

How would it feel if your calendar was full and you had a steady stream of good leads you could rely on into the future?

Wouldn't you sleep better at night without worrying about finding leads? Your staff would probably sleep better too. Of course, you'd also increase your revenue.

Discover how independent remediation companies have quit stressing about leads while everyone else just hopes the phone rings.

Do you have a marketing strategy?

It's not easy to market your business at the same time you're running it. That's why I developed the B.R.O.A.D. Marketing system. It's designed specifically for remediation companies - asbestos, mold, tanks, cleanups, etc. - to provide a steady stream of good leads who need remediation services.

There are the 5 key pieces of the B.R.O.A.D. Marketing system:

Business automation

Bad customer experiences and internal inefficiencies both cost you money. We’ll review your customer onboarding and your processes around scheduling, recordkeeping, and more. Then we'll streamline and automate, helping you regain time for important work!


Many prospects are introduced to you by Realtors, home inspectors, or contractors. When a trusted expert refers you, they’re subconsciously suggesting that you’re a trusted expert too. We’ll work to build and nurture these relationships, educate them about your business, and provide material that makes referring you a breeze!

Online reputation

Prospects often search for a remediation company online — either to find one, or to check one's reputation. We’ll build you a website that's easy for search engines to find and establishes trust with potential customers.

Our reputation management system will encourage customers to leave 5-star reviews on Google and other platforms. We'll monitor those services and respond to reviews on your behalf. This will position you as a trusted expert with lots of happy customers!


To a customer, remediation companies all look the same. We’ll build your authority on your website and in your social media to help you stand out and build trust. Prospects will see that other people like them use your remediation services and will know that choosing your company is the right decision!

Direct marketing

We understand that marketing for a local remediation company is different from that of a big national brand. That's why we use a mix of approaches that will bring local customers to your website, educate them, and position you as the local expert. Like a strong financial portfolio, the key to a consistent flow of good leads is a diverse approach.

Are you ready to get leads? Learn more about the B.R.O.A.D Marketing system.

Who am I?

professional photo of Charles Metzger

I'm Charles Metzger, and I work with owners of independent remediation companies - asbestos, mold, tanks, cleanups, etc. - who want to quit stressing about leads so they can focus on running the business.

I worked for years doing environmental investigation and remediation. In some of those years I was wrapped in a Tyvek suit and wearing a respirator. During others, I was managing projects and working with clients. So I have first-hand experience with the industry, the clients, and the problems!

Combining my first-hand experience in remediation with my in-depth knowledge of digital marketing has produced a unique and powerful lead generation system that will keep your schedule full.

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